A Seaside Gem: The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

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Here on St Simons Island we love The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort. And that love is well earned. The accommodations are stellar, the service impeccable and the staff friendly. It’s tough to beat, especially with the Atlantic Ocean only a few steps away. Having been a visitor from Atlanta to the the island from time to time over the years, I was aware of its iconic status. It is classy. It is elegant. It has that resort mystique. It grabs your attention. An invitation extended graciously that you know you must accept.

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First opened in 1935 as the King and Prince Club, it enjoyed instant success as a popular seaside dance club. Then in 1941 the main hotel building with its gracious Mediterranean architecture and red-tiled roof welcomed its first overnight guests. However, when German U-boats were sighted off the Georgia coast that summer, the hotel was shut down until the end of World War II and the resort operated as a naval training facility and radar station. Renovations, enhancements, expansions and restorations took place over the years. A 1983 expansion and restoration revealed several original architectural features that had been modified or hidden during previous remodeling efforts. Then in 1996, the hotel was named to the prestigious Historic Hotels of America. In 2005, the Resort was named to the National Register of Historic Places.

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The most recent renovation, from 2011 to 2014, featured a comprehensive “Castle Makeover” resulting in revamped lobby, pools, and event spaces that highlight beautifully the unique historic details. Added as well during this project is St Simons Island’s only oceanfront restaurant, the new ECHO, featuring southern coastal cuisine. Here you can enjoy indoor/outdoor dining and broad views of the Atlantic. The outdoor areas, always the star in any island location, are especially exquisite. Relaxing and inviting, the blues, greens, yellows and reds combine with the natural surrounding elements of sand and water. And as an added bonus the expansive skies are typically hung with picturesque photographers’ clouds.

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The updated common areas are expertly crafted to invite visitors to relax and stay awhile. Just as I did while enjoying my job. Having seen this wonderful transformation, I plan to spend more time here. There is interesting architecture to explore. There is food and wine to sample. Oceanfront views to absorb and refresh. It is a place I can sit in comfort and do my writing from time to time while the rest of the world wanders by. You must go see and spend some time here as well. Plan a special party or event with their excellent and capable staff. Spend a weekend. A lunch, dinner, a drink with friends. It is truly wonderful.

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Photos by Nancy Kirkpatrick Photography

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