Live by Night – Historic Downtown Brunswick, Georgia Site of Filming


Historic Downtown Brunswick, GA Transformed into 1930's Ybor City, FL
Historic Downtown Brunswick, GA Transformed into 1930’s Ybor City, FL

Filming of the town scenes for Ben Affleck’s newest movie project, “Live by Night”, began Monday, November 2 and is scheduled to conclude today, Wednesday, November 4, 2015 in historic downtown Brunswick, Georgia. Over the last few weeks, the town was transformed into 1930’s Ybor City, Florida for the film. Based on the novel by Dennis Lehane, the story is set in the Prohibition Era and centers around a group of individuals and their dealings in the world of organized crime. So sit back, relax and enjoy a look at “Our Town” as it plays host to the 1930’s in this pictorial essay.

Extras Await Filming on Newcastle Street
Extras Await Filming on Newcastle Street
Ybor City Movie Set-22
Filming in Downtown Brunswick on the Set of “Live by Night”
Ybor City Movie Set-75
Horse and Buggy Days and Classic Autos on the Set of “Live by Night”
Ybor City Movie Set-844
A Bystander Checks Out 1930’s Ybor City During Break in Filming
Ybor City Movie Set-807
The Set of “Live by Night” in Refashioned Downtown Brunswick, Georgia
Extras Collage
Extras Return From Break as Filming Resumes
Ybor City Movie Set-896
An Extra Strolls Past a Classic Car
Extras Relax in the Shade While Awaiting Instructions
Extras Relax in the Shade While Awaiting Instruction
1930 Gas Station Collage
1930’s Gas Station Recreated
Ybor City Movie Set-49
Penn Oil Co. 1930’s Gas Station
Welcome to Ybor City
Bienvenido a Ybor City – Drop in Any Time

The sets will remain in place for a few days following conclusion of filming, then will be returned to their former state. It was astounding for all who live and work here to watch the transformation from a quiet but well loved town into a bustling, vibrant 1930’s shopping district. Complete with signage in Spanish and period merchandise in shops, cops with billy clubs walked the dirt streets. Men in straw boaters and linen trousers, bow ties and braces; women in pastel dresses, cotton hosiery and hats. Some with parasols and gloves. Classic cars and old trucks. Horses, wagons, buckboards. Revived from the past by artists and producers, it is all here. Today.



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